Tiny Tim's Children's Centre, Coventry -

Case Studies

Physiotherapy Case

Child S is a delightful two year old little girl with delayed development. Her mum contacted Tiny Tim’s when S was one year old, following a recommendation from her Health Visitor. S had attended NHS physio led “Tummy Time” sessions at nine months of age and she was on a waiting list for further assessment by the Children’s Community Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Service but mum was keen to have some therapeutic support during the waiting period. On assessment, a… Read more…

Occupational Therapy Case

The child presents as a shy fourteen year old with a learning disability. The child lives at home with their family and four siblings. The child attends mainstream school with some additional support. The child has been attending the Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre for a couple of years. Initially, the child received massage therapy and then was referred for Occupational Therapy in recognition of the need for them to develop further their independence. Parental and Child’s Concerns Over-reliance on parents for… Read more…

Occupational Therapy Case

The child presents as a lively two year old who has a diagnosis of spastic right sided hemiplegia. The child likes to play with a variety of toys and is able to walk unaided indoors and is able to express them self verbally by using a mixture of gestures and reaching for what they want. Parental Concerns Limited use of right hand for play and self care Difficulties with balance Goals of Therapy The occupational therapist observed the child playing… Read more…

Massage case study

Child background and condition. This child is 9 years old, attends special school and has been coming Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre for 5 years. In the past, this child has received some physiotherapy and occupational therapy in school and at the centre. The child presents with autism and hyper-mobility. The child attends weekly sessions at the centre. Why is the child coming for massage therapy? The mother came into centre to see if massage therapy would fulfil an aim for… Read more…

Treatment Times

Tuesday 9.30am - 5pm
Wednesday 9.30am - 5pm*
Thursday 9.30am - 5pm
Friday 9.30am - 5pm

*Wednesday Term-Time
9:30-10:30am - special needs only mothers and toddlers session in our Purple Planet soft play area.

10:30-11am - Music and Movement group in the Physio room.

Did you know?

We can help improve the quality of life for these children by increasing mobility, self esteem and reducing pain.

Our Therapies

Remedial and Neuromuscular Massage, Physiotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Room, Therapeutic Play Sessions.
  • Tiny Tim’s is a unique place which fulfils a very real need. It is one of the few places my disabled son can receive the treatments he needs in such a calm, caring environment. The Bowen therapy in particular has relaxed him to the extent that he is able to cope much more easily with some medical interventions. Plus he can now have his hair cut without anxiety.

    Parent of Disabled Son
  • My little boy Oliver has been coming to Tiny Tim’s for a few months now and the change in his development has been amazing to watch his confidence has grown so much under the guidance of his physiotherapist everyone is extremely patient and kind. Big Big thank you to everyone at Tiny Tim’s.

    Kerrie & Oliver Wise
  • Since Rylee has been Seeing Marie for regular Physiotherapy, he has come on so well, I would be left lost without the support of Tiny Tim’s and I am sure that Rylee’s progression would not have been so great without it.

    Parent’s of Rylee
  • Our two year old daughter Elise, suffers with Downs Syndrome. This carries with it a variety of difficulties for her physically and mentally.

    Attending Tiny Tim’s has had a significant effects upon Elise. The charity, through its staff has developed and delivered a programme of exercises and massages that have helped strength her lower body and legs this in turn has help her to begin walking. Through the professionalism, friendliness and caring staff, she has become more co-ordinated and confident giving her greater mobility.

    We were told by NHS staff that nothing more could be done to help our daughter but, due to the dedication and resourcefulness of the staff at Tiny Tim’s, the ‘official’ prognosis had been proven incorrect, something we are extremely grateful for.

    Without the support, help and encouragement of the Tiny Tim’s staff and them being prepare to do what others would not do, our daughter is developing into a wonderful and confident little girl.

    Parents of Downs Syndrome daughter
  • My son William has recently been for a physio assessment and they said that he had made a significant improvement (20% better) since coming to Tiny Tim’s for massages and physio sessions. I am absolutely thrilled and so very grateful that this Charity is able to provide such an imperative service for my son. William really enjoys these sessions as well, so physically and emotionally this is of huge benefit to him. Thank you so much.